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” देवाधीनं जगत सर्वम् ,मंत्राधीन देवता।
ते मंत्रा गुरु आधीनम् ,तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः। “

There are many such celebrities in the world who create a new identity for themselves by the work done by them. In which actors, players, politicians, historians, poets, writers, writers, and saints can be included, everyone is very eager to know about their lives, to take inspiration from such people. In this article, one of the best sermons of such a great ascetic and philanthropist compassionate mother Saint Shri Kamalabai ji is presented here.

Oh God… make me capable of giving more Compassionate Mother Saint Shri Kamalabai 5th Smarika December 2022 A morsel of effort This is possible through those associates who are directly or indirectly associated with the trust. Those who believe that food donation is a great donation.

The noble thoughts of the trust members and the highly revered Saint Shri Mata Kamalabai Ji have given a message to humanity, that when parents teach their children about religion, culture, service and charity along with school education, that means they If nurtured with human qualities, then the best qualities develop in their life, due to which they become a boon for their society, state and nation.

Service, love and charity are such special qualities. Which enhances the personality of man in every situation. May these qualities continue to be passed on from generation to generation, this will be the greatest favor to humanity. A person who is charitable. His life is considered ideal. His mind is always calm. He always gets fame and respect in the society. Philanthropy is the basis of the spirit of Indian culture.
At the root of kindness, love, affection, compassion, and sympathy etc. is the spirit of charity. Peace and happiness reside in the heart of a charitable person. The heart of saints is like Navneet. They do not have malice and jealousy towards anyone.
There is no feeling of bitterness in the heart of a philanthropist. In our country India, there were such great personalities who sacrificed their lives for the cause of charity. Philanthropy is given more importance in the society because it gives the identity of a human being. Out of millions of people, after death, only that person can make his name permanent in the society, who has dedicated this lifetime for others.

There is no religion bigger than the service of the poor, remove the sorrows of the helpless, all human beings are equal.


KBCT is dedicated to educating underprivileged individuals, breaking the cycle of poverty. We provide vital medical support, ensuring well-being for all. Committed to a clean environment, we promote sustainable practices. Through feeding programs, we aim to alleviate hunger and create empowered, thriving communities.


Our vision is a world where education transforms lives, healthcare is accessible to all, and a clean environment flourishes. We strive to eliminate hunger, fostering self-sufficiency. KBCT envisions empowered individuals, strong communities, and a sustainable planet for present and future generations.

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