There are many such celebrities in the world who create a new identity for themselves by the work done by them. In which actors, players, politicians, historians, poets, writers, writers, and saints can be included, everyone is very eager to know about their lives, to take inspiration from such people. In this article, one of the best sermons of such a great ascetic and philanthropist compassionate mother Saint Shri Kamalabai ji is presented here.

Devendra Sharma - Founder

The more the society in which there is a sense of helping others. That society is equally happy and prosperous. The feeling of charity is a natural quality of man. Philanthropy means being useful to others is very important for this world. As we know, trees do not bear fruit for themselves, but for others. Even rivers do not drink their own water, in the same way philanthropic people accumulate wealth for the welfare of others. The entire nature gives the message of selfless dedication.

Surendra Sharma - Secretary

Kamalabai Charitable Trust has entrusted me with the responsibility of the post of secretary. Which we have been carrying out with the blessings of God and with you. Along with this, we have also been given the responsibility of management. In this sequence, you are requested that if you want to give any information or complaint or suggestion regarding the works and schemes of the organization, then you can give it to us. You are not getting the receipts (Sahyog Rashi Patrika) on time, any suggestion of yours which is in the interest of the organization, despite all the efforts of our team, if you feel there is an urgent need for some change, then you can easily share your thoughts. If you get any such information which is not in the interest of the organization, then you can contact us immediately.