Mission Green Rajasthan

Rajasthan has a population of more than 7 crores and a person who has his own 20 feet space, if he plants just one tree today, then directly 7 crore trees will grow and next summer the temperature will be 30 degrees and there will be more rain.

Thousands are spent on cakes/clothes/bikes. But think a little today and go to the market, bring a plant worth 20 rupees, plant it, think about the next generation.

You will feel that this is a strange nonsense, but this is true…

In the last 68 years, planting of Peepal, Banyan and Neem trees has been stopped at the government level…

Peepal is a 100% absorber of carbon dioxide, Banyan 80% and Neem 75%…

Instead of this, people started planting foreign eucalyptus, which makes the land waterless…

Today, eucalyptus, Gulmohar and other ornamental trees have taken over everywhere…

Now when there will be no refresher in the atmosphere, the heat will definitely increase, and when the heat increases, the water will evaporate…

If you plant a Peepal tree at a distance of every 500 meters,

Then Rajasthan will be pollution free in the next few years…

By the way, let me give you one more information…

The leaf of Peepal has a large blade and thin stalk, due to which the leaves keep moving even in calm weather and keep giving clean oxygen…

Anyway, Peepal is called the king of trees..

One of the things that I worship is Peepal. See the shloka-

Moolam Brahma, Skin Vishnu, Sakha Shankarmevach.

Patre-Patreka Sarvadevanaam, Vriksharaj Namastute.

Now the work to be done…

Raise awareness in the society to plant these life-giving trees as much as possible..

Make gardens, plant trees, do not make gardens useless playgrounds.. Just like humans need water along with air, similarly trees and plants also need water along with air..

Plant one Banyan tree, plant five Peepal trees.

Plant Neem in every house, this is the ancient truth.

This is the ancient truth, today everyone is accepting it.

Pollution will go away, everyone is knowing it now.

World heat will be eradicated, every person’s heart will be filled with joy.

There are three Gods on earth, Neem, Peepal and Banyan.

If your conscience tells, send this message to at least 10 people and cooperate.

Spread this message throughout Rajasthan till the next monsoon.

Thank you

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 Kamlabai Charitable Trust (KBCT) is a leading NGO dedicated to tree planting through its initiative, Vraksharopan.

You can participate by joining KBCT’s tree planting events, volunteering, or supporting their initiatives financially.

To participate in Vraksharopan, visit KBCT’s website for event details, volunteer opportunities, or donation options.

Planting trees provides various benefits, including improved air quality, biodiversity support, and mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Yes, KBCT organizes tree planting events in Jaipur as part of their commitment to environmental conservation.

Yes, KBCT encourages individuals, schools, and organizations to actively participate in their tree planting initiatives.