Parinda Abhiyan

Parinda Abhiyan: Creating a Bird-Friendly Jaipur

Welcome to Parinda Abhiyan, a compassionate initiative by Kamlabai Charitable Trust (KBCT) aimed at transforming Jaipur into a haven for our feathered friends. Our mission is to make the city a safer and more welcoming place for birds by focusing on three key areas.

  1. Bird Habitats: We are dedicated to enhancing and preserving bird habitats across Jaipur. By planting native trees, shrubs, and creating green spaces, we provide birds with essential food sources, shelter, and nesting areas, ensuring their well-being and survival.

  1. Safe Migration Routes: Parinda Abhiyan is committed to establishing safe migration routes for birds. We work to minimize hazards such as tall buildings and structures that obstruct their journeys, allowing them to migrate freely and safely.
  2. Community Awareness: Through workshops, seminars, and educational campaigns, we raise awareness about the vital role birds play in our ecosystem. We inspire the community to actively participate in bird conservation and create an environment where both birds and humans thrive.
With the support of volunteers, local communities, and bird enthusiasts, Parinda Abhiyan is making a significant impact on bird welfare in Jaipur. Together, we are shaping a future where the skies of Jaipur are filled with the beauty and songs of our cherished avian companions. Join us in our mission to build a city that honors and protects our feathered residents. Together, we can ensure that Jaipur remains a sanctuary where birds flourish and contribute to the city’s vibrant tapestry of life.